Interim management during COVID times

The client is an MNC manufacturing auto components for various auto brands.
This is a joint venture company. There were undercurrents between the company stakeholders and its Indian counterparts. The crisis developed into a full-blown dispute during the COVID-19 lockdown where the international stakeholders were forced to leave India as a part of the lockdown protocols.

The Task

As there was a trust deficit between the partners, the company owners brought in team INOJO to take charge of the overall situation till the time the main stakeholders could return.

Action Plan

A select team of professionals was deputed by INOJO to supervise the business at the management level with full control over administrative and financial calls.


After the lockdown was over, the main stakeholders returned to take charge of the ship. What is interesting to note is that the intervention of team INOJO created a buffer between the Indian and the foreign players. The basic disagreements were more of misunderstandings; and today, all are working seamlessly together for a brighter future.