Exposing in-house corrupt practices

The client company is involved in the business of metal and metal products. Their products range from automotive forgings, ferrous crankshafts, axles, and other forged metal products. As a result, a considerable amount of scrap metal is generated.

The Task

INOJO’s primary task was to assess the reasons for losses of INR 20-30 lakhs per month on its scrap metal sales.

Action Plan

The INOJO team got cracking right from day one. Initial investigations revealed that there were no set protocols in place. On further probing, the team found that the chipsets of the weighing machines were rigged. This led to identifying the entire set of officials who were behind this systematic leaching of the company’s financials. A few were even arrested once conclusive evidence was found.


After the exposure, a fresh set of protocols and safeguards were put in place. An online app was created to make the process of selecting scrap dealers transparent and independent of human intervention.

The plant’s premise was fenced from all sides to prevent any trespassing and monitoring of outsiders on the campus was ramped up.

As an extra measure, the entire set of security guards was replaced.